Morgan Le Fay

Morgan le Fay

Full Name: Morgan le Fay

Born: 982

Died: 1109 (aged 127)

Hair: Black

Skin: White

Patronus: Hawk

Animagus: Bird

Family: King Arthur (Half-Brother)


House: Ravenclaw


During her time at Hogwarts she mastered Transfiguration under Elias Gamp and so afterwards she became an accomplished Animagi.

After graduating she became the Queen of Avalon and also the main Healer of the island. She became an enemy of Merlin and batted him many times. In 1045 she founded the Avalon Academy of Magic.

She died in 1109 of unknown causes. After her death she was placed on a Chocolate Frog Card and was put on number 17 of the Silver Series.

Morgan le Fay-Card

Morgan le Fay's Chocolate Frog Card

It is also known that she created a grimoire named Morgan le Fay's grimoire which she used to place her soul into. She tried to come back in 2019 but was defeated by Albus Potter and Merlin.